A Word From The Chairs

The Sky’s the Limit – Our OA Recovery Convention September 2014

The 2014 OA convention, brought to you by Miami-Dade & the Keys Intergroup, took off on the top of the Airport Holiday Inn with style and grace. Thanks to all who worked so hard and all who attended, the convention was a big success. The program which encompassed the first three steps plus a great discussion on Service from our Region 8 Secretary made for a spectacular day of recovery. The inspirational messages we all received supported the concept that, with recovery and HP, the Sky really is the Limit!

Back again were two humor breaks inspired by a Key West member, which were very well-received.   Laughter rang out as we poked fun at ourselves and proved that we are anything but a glum lot. More fun was had at the fashion show. Wonderful members of OA pranced and modeled fabulous outfits put together from our boutique. Once again, the boutique was just lovely due to the many months of hard work by the boutique chair and all the generous donations from our members. We topped last year’s record profit by taking in $900 in a one day boutique, a most lucrative reward for all of the hard work of this Committee. Our Ways and Means committee earned even more money by holding raffles for gift baskets, 50/50 and continued to sell notecards and cookbooks.

74 attendees from across the State and down to the Keys came out in gratifying numbers. Thanks to our efficient and dedicated registration committee, all went smoothly with registration before and during the convention. Although we knew the program was going to be wonderful, as a fund raiser, the convention was also very rewarding. It will help our Intergroup carry the message of recovery to our members, to the public and to the health professionals in our community.

Even lunch, sometimes a source of complaint and contention, was well-received. Kudos to the planners who remembered the vegans in our midst and made sure there were some good options for their lunch as well. Everything was fresh, tasty and plentiful and the view of the airport was also quite entertaining.

Once again we realize that we can do so much more together then we could ever do alone. Next year it would be wonderful to have another successful convention. It is time to pass the service baton to others who want to experience the satisfaction of helping recovery flourish in Miami-Dade and the Keys. Thanks to everyone, those who worked so hard, those who attended and participated and those who spoke. It is a joy to be a part of this great fellowship and a grateful member of Overeater’s Anonymous.

Andrea K.  and Leslie S.