Convention Planning Meeting: June 6

Our first Convention Planning meeting is after Intergroup on Saturday, June 6th around 12:30pm at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (Downtown Miami).

Those who wish to can bring their lunch or go out afterwards.

We need a Convention Chair to coordinate this effort. Most of our committees need new members as well:

  1. Convention Chair (can co-chair with someone)
  2. Program Chair – gets speakers
  3. Budget Chair – reviews budgets
  4. Registration Chair – handles registration sales
  5. Registration Packets – assembles and hands out convention packets
  6. Front Desk – information and sign in
  7. Greeter/Hugger – welcomes people
  8. Getting the Word Out – publicizes convention within membership
  9. PIPO Outreach – publicizes with professional community
  10. Literature – brings OA literature and sells at convention
  11. Drawings – gets gift baskets and runs raffles
  12. Boutique – collects clothes and other items, stores, sets up and runs boutique
  13. Decorations – decorations such as table centerpieces
  14. Boutique Cleanup – arrangements for pickup and disposal of unsold items