Convention Survey Results

2015 OA CONVENTION SURVEY RESULTS Rate Experience With 1 Being Strongly Disagree and 5 Being Strongly Agree 53 Survey Respondents (39 All Day, 9 Half-Day, 5 Less Than 3 Hours) 1 2 3 4 5 Total NA REGISTRATION If you pre-registered, was the information presented clearly? 2 2 46 50 3 If you re-registered, was... Continue Reading →

Need Storage Space

Intergroup is looking for a place to store a few items such as clothing racks for the boutique, in between conventions and special events. If any member is so situated and would like to do this service, please call Andrea at 786-210-7977. Thanks.

Intergroup Meeting Rescheduled

In light of the fact that many of us will be at the next Region 8 Assembly over the first Saturday in November, I would like to reschedule Intergroup for the following Saturday, November 14th. Please call Andrea if you have any questions at 786-210-7977. Thanks.

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