Conference Approved Literature

OA uses “Conference Approved” literature in order to stay true to the OA message of recovery. OA literature can be obtained from your Group Representative or send a request to Miami-Dade Intergroup. Many materials have been translated into other languages so please ask to obtain these. Pamphlets, PDF books and other materials are also available at the bookstore.

Partial list of conference-approved books

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (The Big Book)
  • Abstinence
  • A New Beginning
  • Beyond Our Wildest Dreams
  • For Today
  • Lifeline Sample
  • Overeaters Anonymous (The Brown Book)
  • Seeking the Spiritual Path
  • The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA
  • The Twelve Step Workbook of OA
  • Voices of Recovery

Partial list of conference-approved pamphlets

  • A Commitment to Abstinence
  • A Common Solution: Diversity and Recovery
  • A Guide for Sponsors
  • Anonymity
  • A Plan of Eating
  • A Program of Recovery
  • Black OA Members Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope
  • Dignity of Focus
  • Fifteen Questions
  • Focus on Anorexia and Bulimia
  • Fourth Step Inventory Guide
  • I Put My Hand In Yours (Red Book)
  • Members in Relapse
  • OA Members Come in All Sizes
  • Recovery Checklist
  • Recovery from Relapse
  • Seventh Tradition of OA
  • Sponsorship Kit
  • The Tools of Recovery
  • To The Family of the Compulsive Eater
  • To The Newcomer
  • Twelfth Step Within Handbook
  • Welcome Back
  • What If I Don’t Believe In “God”?