Hotline Number: (305) 791-7035


Miami-Dade and The Keys Intergroup Board

Our Board consists of elected officers, representatives, and the past Chair. These include:

Chairperson (President)
Vice Chairperson (VP)
Region 8 Representatives
One of the above serves as our World Service Delegate



Committee Chairpersons are voting members of MDKIG. Our committees include:

  • MDKIG Convention
  • Florida State Convention
  • Hotline
  • Public Information
  • Special Events
  • Twelfth Step Within
  • Traveling Meetings
  • Ways and Means
  • Unity With Diversity/Young People
  • Publications/Website
  • Outreach
  • Broward Liaison
  • Latin American Liaison

The responsibilities and the qualifications of Committee Chairpersons are defined specifically in MDKIG’s Bylaws, which are available for download on this website.

MDKIG's "Zoom" Meeting Room

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MDKIG Meeting Updates*



Face-to-Face meetings have been suspended.  Please check MDKIG's Zoom Meetings List or call our hotline for meeting updates.  Thank You!

Contact Info

Miami-Dade and the Keys Intergroup

PO Box  530214

Miami Shores, FL 33153

Hotline:  (305) 791-7035