MDKIG Committees

Committee Chairs are appointed by the Intergroup Chair – if you are interested, let the acting Chair know. Terms begin at the end of the January meeting. There are no abstinence requirements in the bylaws to chair a committee. Some Committee Chair positions may require special skills or experience.

You do not need to be abstinent or have specific experience to be work on a committee – just a willingness to serve! Working on a committee is a great way to become involved in recovery and get to know other OA members.

  1. Audit Committee: audits our financial books
  2. Budget Committee: (Treasurer is Chair) develops proposed annual budget
  3. Convention Committee: plans and coordinates the annual MDKIG OA convention
  4. Group Outreach Committee: reminds voting members about MDKIG meetings, welcomes newcomers, and explains how MDKIG works new voting members.
  5. Helpline Committee: make sure update information is on our hotline.
  6. Publications: needs a Chair and Vice Chair, compiles, prints and delivers the newsletter to MDKIG meeting; maintains and updates the website; the Chair teaches the Vice Chair how to do this so they can rotate into service.
  7. Public Information Committee: makes public aware of OA through the media, participation in health fairs, and other means and also brings the message to healthcare professionals, hospitals, military and other institutions.
  8. Registration Committee: (chair by the Vice Chair) maintains up to date meeting lists and contacts.
  9. Special Events Committee: plans and coordinates recovery workshops and special functions.
  10. Traveling Committee: takes meetings to shut-ins.
  11. Twelfth Step Within Committee: reaches out to members in relapse or not attending meetings.
  12. Unity Within Diversity Committee: builds inclusiveness for minorities and others; this is not a standing committee at the moment (does not vote).
  13. Ways and Means Committee: responsible for fundraising activities.
  14. Young People’s Committee: organizes meetings and activities for young people.
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