Miami-Dade & The Keys Intergroup

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Miami-Dade & The Keys Intergroup

Miami-Dade & The Keys Intergroup (MDKIG) is a service body of Overeaters Anonymous in the geographical region of Miami-Dade County and The Florida Keys.

We are part of OA’s Region 8, also known as SOAR8, which is comprised of the USA’s southeastern states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee) along with Puerto Rico, South America, Central America, and all of the Caribbean islands.

SOAR8 is one of eleven regional areas in the world that serve the needs of Overeaters Anonymous.  Each region is made up of intergroups. Each intergroup is comprised of group’s that conduct meetings.

There are currently seven Intergroups in Florida.  The other six are as follows:

There are also Intergroups in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, with more being formed all the time as OA groups get started.